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Digital marketing is referred with many names like Online Marketing ,Internet Marketing, and Web Marketing .

After the year 2013 Digital Marketing has become a very common term.

The estimation growth of business says that there is an annual spending of 4.5 trillion ads and over 48% growth in 2010.

This explains us the importance of marketing is growing with the time period .
Big data Management platforms is available for marketing and also it has separate set of platforms.
But it is a tough job for digital marketers as well.
Data management platforms allow entrepreneurs to utilize their big data to make more enlightened and more promotions for their company.
For big companies utilizing big data to engage , analyse and  improve is simple.
But companies like which tend not to posses the resources on team, but it is not realistic.
Digital marketing  is a relatively new and there are components that make up digital marketing have been around for a long time.
In last 4 to 5 years or so the marketers , search engine optimization the industry realized for complete internet marketing strategy and you need more than search engine optimization.
Thus, ‘Digital Marketing’ started receiving more attention and with every other profession.

Digital Marketing With SEO:

We have to build a proper plan and also we have to execute all web, seo/sem ,marketing database, e-mail.
social media and display ads campaign designs , maintain  and  build ur social your social media presence.
Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns and assess against goals (Return on investment)
With the help of Internet Marketing we can Identify trends and insights, and optimize spend and performance based on the insights .
Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies
Plan, execute, and measure experiments and conversion tests , Collaborate with internal teams to create best  landing pages and optimize the user experience .
Utilize strong analytical ability to evaluate end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer touch points.