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Ad word is an Digital Marketing services that enables the advertisers display brief of their advertisement.

Based on cookies, keywords, predefined by advertisers that might link the copy to the content of web pages shown to the users.

With the help of ad word tool I can plan any advertisement which the client wants.

Content Marketing

– In the digital world you need content in any form because without content you cannot do anything online.

The question is what kind of content you need, who will produce the content, what are the topics, titles, content length etc etc.

These are the typical questions that I has to answer and if there is no content marketing manager  then it’s the duty of me to take care.

Social Media Marketing

– Social is a great tool and a fantastic way to promote your online store or business but how do you decide which social networks to use.

how do you set goals and what kind of content do you publish?

What is a successful social media campaign and how do you manage your followers?

Questions that the digital marketing manager has to answer with the social media manager or social media experts.

Email Marketing

– Email marketing does not likely have a dedicated manager, unless you use email in more advanced ways than sending newsletters and subscription offers.

It is the job of the digital marketer to design the email marketing strategy for a company that it will be in synch with the overall digital marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing

– Mobile is no longer an option so every business that is online should have a mobile marketing strategy.

This may have to do with providing users with a mobile friendly website or even with developing mobile applications for the different markets.

Like (Apple store, Google Play, Amazon app store etc.).

I have the necessary knowledge and market insights so as to suggest the best way to approach this.

Communication, Implementation, Monitoring and Optimization .

Besides designing and implementing the above strategies.

responsible to : Talk to the client –

Communicate with the client and explain to them the benefits of digital marketing as a whole .

most importantly the benefits and gains for their business Design the digital marketing services strategy

– Use all the tools in his arsenal to create a complete strategy for promoting a business online .

I Communicate the Digital Marketing services strategy to the client and interested parties –

Explaining  the strategy to the client and other interested parties Monitor the execution of the plan.

– Monitor the execution of the digital marketing plan making sure that everything is executed correctly and on time Optimize the strategy for even better results

– Optimizing the strategy based on current results